"It doesn’t just happen to others …" : Vincent Cerutti victim of a snatching theft, his confidences shock on this terrible incident!

Vincent Cerutti is certainly still shocked by this mishap. This Wednesday, November 24, the star made terrible confidences to his followers. While he was out for his children, the host was robbed in the street. On Instagram, Hapsatou Sy’s companion shared a photo of him taken after the fact. “13:50. It doesn’t just happen to others … I don’t know what he’s going to do with it. This morning after the radio, I went to run an errand for the kids. So far all is well ”, he explained in the caption of his publication. “I open my saddle, I take my helmet. I place the bag of clothes there then close the saddle on which I place my helmet. I am standing next to the scooter with both hands on the handlebars to turn on the engine and the heated grips. At that moment a guy, whom I don’t see coming, grabs my helmet which was still on the saddle ”.

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The incident unfolded so quickly that Vincent Cerutti did not have time to react. “The guy is 60 meters away in Usain Bolt mode with my helmet in his arms which he holds like a baby! There I remain speechless and I hallucinate! It got me really drunk and above all, it’s very stupid, because a helmet is super intimate and personal. I’ll go get one later after taking my daughter to the pool, ”added the ex-host of“ Dancing with the Stars ”.

But Vincent Cerutti prefers to put the situation into perspective. “And again I’m lucky, I didn’t get attacked…”, he concluded with philosophy. In the comments thread, many Internet users sent him messages of support. “Sad world”, “The stupidity of people is so mind-blowing”, “Big nonsense. But the priority is you. Fortunately you are safe and sound ”, we can read under his Instagram post.


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