"It doesn’t get better with her" : Jean-Pascal Lacoste balances again on Sylvie Tellier

While the former candidates of the Star Academy are currently remaking the news thanks to the celebration of the 20 years of the program, Jean-Pascal Lacoste has just given a new exclusive interview. This Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the former troublemaker of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, spoke to Jordan Deluxe in the show “L’Instant De luxe”.

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The opportunity for him to take stock of his very tense relationship with his famous sister-in-law Sylvie Tellier. “I have forgot the first name of my Delphine’s half-sister… It is better to forget it! ” he said to set the tone before adding:It doesn’t get better with her“.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste put it into perspective by declaring: “It’s family stories! I don’t know her, that doesn’t prevent me from sleeping! She makes her life, I make mine, who cares !”. Nevertheless, the actor and columnist assured that he does not close the doors to a possible reconciliation: We are getting married next year with Delphine June 25, we will send the announcement to Sylvie Tellier ! If she comes, it is with great pleasure! I would like to meet, we are not not have to like us “.

The father then recalled the origin of his quarrel with his fiancee’s half-sister:“This is due to the fact that I arrived in the life of Delphine, Sylvie Tellier had him asked to make a choice! It was her or me ! Because according to Sylvie you shouldn’t go out with TV people! It’s still funny for someone who works on television! ”. And to conclude: “I texted her telling her if you want to see each other, she never answered, The ball is in his court…”.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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