It damaged her brain! He threw the baby girl (1 month) on the couch and slapped her

Last year, on April 20, Lukáš C. was looking after the baby girl (then 1 month). When she burst into tears an hour after midnight, Amok grabbed him, according to the indictment. “Angry at this situation, he threw her violently on the sofa. When the minor was still crying, he hit her in the face with more force, “the plaintiff described the attack in the plaintiff’s apartment. The little girl has a brain damage for life. “I didn’t mess with her or slap her. I feel innocent.

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I’m nervous about my father, but I can coach it, “Lukáš C. defended, claiming that the girl was hurt by her own mother Ivana. She left the girl and is looking for a new life in the south of Moravia. A disabled girl grows up in a foster family. The prosecutor suggested that Lukáš accept an eight-year prison with increased security, and because he did not agree, he faces up to 12 years in prison.

Expecting a baby with a little girl aunt

Before the police arrested Lukáš C., his cousin Ivana (the girl’s aunt) became pregnant and she has another child from a previous relationship with her half-sister.

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