It burst after years! Dispute between Troška and Růžičková

How else could the boundaries of such a crazy summer comedy be pushed? When there are ideas in comedies of this type, the solution is absurd scenarios, which would be difficult for other films or the creators themselves to go through. But in comedies Zdenek Troska (69) everything is possible – even aliens!

18 years since death Helena Růžičková: For acting from a dental assistant

“It was actually just an idea that the bastards would come for the grandmother, whom they would take into space as a model man. At that time, it was really a long time from the third part, so a few people left in the meantime, but it was not mass at all, and especially Helena Růžičková, Jiří Růžička or Luděk Kopřiva were alive, so it was not a problem. “ previously revealed to the daily Blesk by screenwriter Petr Markov.

Helena Růžičková († 67) stood in the way of the fourth part. She was supposed to have only a short nostalgic role in the potential film, her character would only blink in the story. However, the actress of her caliber did not like that. According to information from Šípa, she didn’t just want to extract a bark from the film, so she sabotaged the shooting. But why was the main star of the trilogy only to have a short figure in the fourth part?

Shocked Zdeněk Troška: They curse and threaten me. That’s enough!

“I’ll tell you gossip. Zdeněk wasn’t comfortable with Helena Růžičková, I don’t know exactly why, and he told me that he didn’t really want her to play in it. Now what? I told him that it wasn’t a problem, that it would start with Helena and Jirka going to the field in their gashouse, suddenly a flying saucer appeared, they were looking at it, they were going to the railway crossing and they were swept away by the train. Well, it will be, “ revealed the screenwriter Markov. But the actress didn’t like it at all. If she was to play in it only briefly, she made sure that the fourth part did not appear at all.

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