Istanbul bomber confesses, Turkish police say


The person who detonated a bomb on Sunday in a busy shopping street in Istanbul, Turkey, is said to have confessed the facts. This has been confirmed by the Turkish police. It would be a young Syrian woman. At least six people were killed and about 80 injured in the attack.

Source: BELGA

According to the police, the woman confirmed that she acted on behalf of the Kurdish workers’ party PKK. She received orders from the city of Kobane, in northeastern Syria. 21 others were also arrested by Turkish police.

The PKK is on the terror list of Turkey, Europe and the US and has positions in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq. The movement has been waging an armed struggle against the Turkish government since the mid-1980s and has often been accused of bloody attacks on Turkish soil in the past. Conversely, the PKK is also often the target of Turkish military operations.

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