Isis Valverde remembers two years since her father’s death: "I miss hugging you so much"

Isis Valverde remembered this Wednesday (12/01) the two years since the death of his father, Rubens Valverde, victim of a sudden illness while hiking in the city of Baependi, in Minas Gerais.

Rubens Valverde died after suffering a heart attack, at age 65, during a motorcycle trail. He suffered a sudden illness on the way, being rescued by friends and sent to the hospital in Baependi, but he arrived dead at the scene.

“Today I looked at your picture and I really missed hugging you. Whenever I came back from any trip, we found a way to see each other. I remembered that today it’s been 2 years since I have you physically with me anymore. I love you so much that I lack space Here inside. Always with me”, wrote the actress in the photo album published on Instagram, where she appears in several clicks next to her father.

In the comments area, fans of the artist sought to send messages of strength and faith: “He is in a better place, next to God”, said one of them. “The love of a child for its parents is one of the greatest in the world, it’s just not greater than that of parents for their children,” said another.

“Forever Mine”

In September of last year, Isis reported missing her father on social media by sharing an old record in which she appears next to him, when she was a child..

“You, forever mine. I love you dad”, declared the actress in the publication shared on her Instagram. In the photo next to her father, Isis holds a dog on her lap.

Several followers noticed the similarity between the two in the comments: “You are his face”, wrote one. “You have his eyes,” pointed out another. “It’s your face,” said another. “Beautiful”, praised a fourth follower.

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