Isis Valverde gets real about her love life after a new affair comes to light

Separated from André Resende since February this year, Isis Valverde has not taken on any relationship since then, but rumors about the actress’ love life have been circulating in recent weeks. She has been identified as the affair of millionaire Álan Faria Bissoli. This Thursday (04), the actress, who left TV Globo to invest in her international career, made statements with a touch of irony about his love life.

“For this year, we have a closed scale. We already have a ‘ceiling’ quota, so we are not accepting requests this year. But next year we can start”, joked Isis when receiving an order. dating a follower. Asked if she was single, the artist said: “We never know, it depends on the moment, the day, the hour, the person, the ride. we don’t know much“.


Isis Valverde began to be the subject of speculation about a new affair because of a photo taken in Greece and published by João Guilherme Silva, son of Faustão. In the image, Álan Faria Bissoli appears holding hands with the actress.

Born in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, but living in the capital Belo Horizonte, Álan is heir to Bauminas, a mining company. The young man is also a partner in two other companies, one for consulting and management and the other for real estate, with capital of around R$ 7.5 million.

Álan is the son of businessman Márcio Bissoliwho owned 18 ore companies, but died in June 2018 after suffering a helicopter crash, aged 50.

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