Isis Valverde answers question about single life: "Sometimes we don’t know much"

Last Thursday night (04/08), the actress Isis Valverde used her Instagram Stories to answer questions from her followers and fans. Isis mocked when receiving a question about being single. In February, Isis separated from model André Resende.

“We never know, it depends on the moment, the day, the hour, the person, the ride. Sometimes we don’t know much”, said the artist. Currently, Isis is spending a season in Los Angeles, United States.

Earlier this month, the actress wrote a letter to comment on her departure from Rede Globo after 17 years of contract. “That place hidden amidst giant rocks, magic, trees and waterfalls became a home, a family, a school for me. A place where I grew up in safety! In that house I made friends, built affections and reaped good fruits”, he began Isis in her account.

“It’s been seventeen years with you, years of perfecting and maturing my art, which still has a long way to go. Today, I only have words to thank you! But this text is not a goodbye, but a ‘see you soon’, the doors will always be open for new stories. This was just one chapter of our journey. May the next ones come! Gratitude! Ass: Your girl, Isis”, he added.

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