Isis Valverde and André Resende meet again days after the model was caught kissing on the beach

Nine months after the separation, Isis Valverde and André Resende were seen in the same venue again for a very special reason: Rael’s 4th birthday party, the couple’s son🇧🇷 The reunion took place three days after the model was caught kissing a blonde, named as a Rio de Janeiro nutritionist.

Rael’s fourth birthday party was Spider-Man themed. In addition to the treats, the little ones could still enjoy a giant slide. Among the guests was actress Vanessa Giácomo, currently on air in “Travessia”. At the time of “Happy Birthday to You”, Isis and André got together in front of the cake to sing with their son.

On the social networks, Isis shared party records and several cute moments with her son. “You teach me so much, every day! When I held you in my arms for the first time, the world stopped and it took me a while to understand that another person was born there, a brave woman full of love, a love never seen that grows with you , in you! My son, may God bless your ways, your mother will always be here, “wrote the actress. Access the photo gallery!



The end of Isis’s marriage to André was confirmed by the couple in a note sent to the press. Minutes later, she made a point of going to social media to talk to fans about the matter.

“When love transforms and a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean that that relationship didn’t work out. Love continues, but in another way, as well as respect. And in the name of respect and transparency, I would like to tell you that André and I , after 6 years, we decided to go our separate ways. We will always continue to be part of each other’s lives, especially since we have a greater love in common: Rael. He will always be our priority.“, assured.

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