Ischinger does it "very sorry": "Sorry, dear Mrs. Miosga!"

Ischinger is “very sorry”
“Sorry, dear Mrs. Miosga!”

The fact that the ex-head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, mistook the moderator Caren Miosga for her colleague Marietta Slomka in the “Tagesthemen” interview, made us smile. Now the 75-year-old speaks out about his faux pas and asks for forgiveness.

Wolfgang Ischinger has been in political business for almost 50 years. He was State Secretary in the Foreign Office, Ambassador and most recently head of the Munich Security Conference, which meets regularly. He has certainly experienced quite a bit of turbulence in these functions. But now it was getting turbulent around the 75-year-old himself.

The reason: a mistake by moderator Caren Miosga in an interview on the current conflict in Ukraine in the “Daily Topics”. Ischinger spoke to the ARD journalist several times on Monday evening by the name of her colleague Marietta Slomka from “heute-journal” on ZDF. Miosga reacted confidently and with humor. Only once did she correct her guest with a smile. “My name is Miosga,” she said. And: “Never mind.”

“I know, I know”

Ischinger has also taken note of the hype about his faux pas. He spoke up on Twitter shortly after the “Tagesthemen” was broadcast. His tweet offers the starting point for an explanation of the mishap, but also includes a sincere plea for forgiveness.

“I know, I know. Must not happen. Actually not even if you only see the camera but not the person opposite and the sound is such that you only understand the questions vaguely,” Ischinger justifies himself at first, but then to add: “Sorry, dear Mrs. Miosga! I am very sorry!”

In 2017, Peter Kloeppel, Caren Miosga and Marietta Slomka (from left to right) were honored together.

(Foto: picture alliance / Christian Charisius/dpa Pool/dpa)

The 52-year-old has long since forgiven him for the mistake. After all, this made them and the “topics of the day” themselves news again.

She has a relaxed relationship with colleague Slomka anyway. The two have already shared a red carpet several times – for example in 2017, when they were awarded the Golden Camera for the “Best Information” together with “RTL Aktuell” chief presenter Peter Kloeppel.

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