Isabella Scherer shows the belly of twins during the robbery of the fridge: “Always here”

Waiting for twins with the model and surfer Rodrigo Calazans37 years old, actress Isabella Scherer26, said he spends most of his time in front of the refrigerator.

On her Instagram, the champion of Masterchef Brazil 2021who has just entered the 32nd week of pregnancy, shared photos in which she appears looking for something to eat, and joked:

“Where I am 90% of the time looking for something I don’t know what it is…”, he commented, pulling comments from followers: “How powerful it is to see a woman like that!”, he commented. Sheila Mello. “I love you and I love my nephews,” he said. Giovanna Grigio.

Before that, on Instagram Stories, Isa shared a photo in which she appears showing the thin silhouette and the belly of twins when answering a question from a follower about the time of pregnancy.

Isabella Scherer is expecting twins with Rodrigo Calazans – Photo: Reproduction / [email protected]

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