Isabella Scherer reveals her children’s names during an interview and vents: "Afraid to change my mind"

Last Wednesday (22/06), Isabella Schereractress and champion of MasterChef 2021participated in the podcast “poddelas” and during the conversation, he ended up revealing the names of his children. Isabella, who is in her sixth month of pregnancy, is expecting a boy and a girl from her relationship with Rodrigo Calazans.

“I think this is the hardest part, right. First, we made a list of names that we liked, and we got to Gaia, but it’s the name of his mother’s dog, so it didn’t happen. Another name we liked was Noahbut it’s my dad’s dog’s name, so it didn’t happen again,” Isabella began on the podcast.

“For now, it’s Honey and bento, but we are afraid to change our minds. In fact, it’s more of a fear of mine to be born and not look like Mel or Bento, but we like those names. I even talked to Rodrigo that, if we changed now, even if we rarely refer to them by their names, it seems that they will be born with another personality, other people”, revealed the artist.

At the beginning of May, Isabella Scherer reported that she still does not know how to differentiate when each baby moves, as she is pregnant with twins.. On her Twitter, Isabella recently told about her children’s kicks in her belly: “I spent about 3 minutes holding my cell phone filming the belly to get tired, give 10 seconds and kick.”

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