Isabella Santoni uses social media to reflect on fame: "They objectify you and it hurts you"

Through the Stories of her profile on Instagram, the actress Isabella Santoni shared an extensive reflection on fame and being a public figure. Isabella shared some Stories about reports and notes talking about her body.

“Getting clicks with my body, but they don’t disclose the bikini brand, press?”, criticized the actress before starting her outburst on the social network. “When you become a public person, they end up making you a product and you have no control over what they say. Until they don’t disrespect you, that’s fine”, began the artist, showing dissatisfaction.

She continues, talking about the objectification of the female body: “You know what’s boring? You stop doing what you like because they’re objectifying you and, somehow, that hurts you. This also fits in a life without being public, when you listen too much to others,” he continued.

“I don’t like this type of article, but I won’t stop wearing the bikini that I love and feel good about. Next time, disclose the ‘Nia‘. If I can generate clicks for the press, let them help by promoting my beachwear brand that values ​​the real beauty of each woman. I hope that other women when they see these titles don’t judge me by the dress and feel free, confident and free to wear whatever they want”, concluded the actress.

Isabella is currently alongside her boyfriend, Caio Vazenjoying a holiday in the Maldives, where they are staying in a luxury resort.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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