Isabella "not very well" in Daily life: great discomfort, the actress shocks viewers

Isabelle Adjani has been very discreet for years and only makes rare appearances on television. This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the 66-year-old actress had accepted Yann Barthès’ invitation and was therefore present on the set of the “Quotidien” program on TMC, in particular to promote “Peter von Kant”, the new film by François Ozon in which she plays. The latter was also present on set to talk about his new feature film, but the attitude of Isabelle Adjani was surprising.

Very quickly, faced with the behavior deemed “bizarre” by the actress, viewers reacted massively on Twitter: “What is his problem to Isabelle Adjani?“, “I am watching Quotidien on TMC, we agree that Isabelle Adjani is completely perched ?“, “Isabelle Adjani did not look very sure Daily, it pains me“, “I like Isabelle Adjani but damn she looks uncomfortable on the set of Daily“, “She’s still so mysterious Isabelle Adjani“, “I know that Isabelle Adjani is special, but she clearly doesn’t look well in this daily program” can we for example read.

If Isabelle Adjani loves to play the mystery card, this time she explained the reasons for her condition. Arrived very tired on the set, the actress indeed declared: “JI’m so jet-lagged, so jet-dropped even! I’m completely out west! You see, I find myself in the east with you“. The actress then clarified that she had just returned from a stay in the United States.

Exhausted by the shooting of her last film, by the plane trip and by the jet lag, the actress still tried to honor her interview brilliantly and lent herself to the game of the interview without flinching.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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