Isabel Vollmer: "Between us"-Star reveals his figure secret

Isabel Vollmer
“Unter Uns” star reveals his secret figure

Isabel Vollmer


As Monika Huber, Isabel Vollmer causes a lot of fuss on “Unter Uns” – and all kinds of sexy moments. Because the triple mom looks pretty hot. How does she manage to keep herself so fit?

In “Unter Uns”, her role as Monika Huber has a career as a showgirl in Los Angeles behind her, and Schillerallee keeps whirling up with her sexy outfits. The role is Isabel Vollmer, 36, made for the body, after all, not only does she look good, she is also in top shape and athletic. But how do you keep your body so fit as a working mom of three? In an Instagram question and answer session, the actress from Aschaffenburg answered exactly that to her followers.

Isabel Vollmer reveals her fitness tip

Isabel Vollmer’s three kids keep Isabel Vollmer busy, and she regularly appears in front of the camera for the RTL series, so there is not much time for sports. One may think. This is also the case with the 36-year-old “Unter Uns” actress. So what’s the secret of your slim figure? “I have my current figure because my three children keep me running and busy all day,” explains the actress on her Instagram account. Her fans had asked her exactly this question. She practically never sits still, is always in action, according to the TV actress. She currently only does sport in moderation, but that should change soon.

Isabel Vollmer swears by this sport

At the moment, all she has to do is do a few bum exercises in bed in the evening, the 36-year-old reveals to her followers. But soon she wants to give full throttle again on the yoga mat. The exercise system from India, which aims to bring body, mind and soul into balance, is not only the ideal balance to work for her, but also the perfect way to keep fit. “In my opinion, yoga is the best for the figure and the soul. Just do a strenuous yoga session where you sometimes reach your limits,” advises Isabel to her followers. And judging by their fitness, this advice is fair to believe.

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