Isabel Torres says goodbye to her fans after they gave her two months to live

Fiction can often surpass reality. And vice versa. Something like this happened with Isabel Torres placeholder image, the 52-year-old Spanish actress who knew how to star in the series Poison and that today fight for his life just like the character he played. Since 2018, he has suffered from lung cancer, but the circumstances have been complicated and the doctors who follow his case they have given him only two months to live. In this way, said goodbye to his fans via Instagram.

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Torres – born in The Gran Canarian palms– stood out in the media many years ago for being the first transexual from your city to get the ID with your gender identity correspondent. Since then, she has grown enormously as a television presenter and gained recognition in Spain. But it was not until the beginning of 2020 that his name became prestigious as never before.

The reference of the LGBT + community stood out as the protagonist of Poison, a biopic of Cristina Ortiz directed by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo that narrates the memories of the Spanish trans star. Available in HBO Max for Latin America, had Isabel Torres in the skin of “La Veneno” and led her to be recognized with an Ondas Awards and a HOY Magazine Award as the best female performer in national fiction.

The series not only gave people talk in Spain, but also in different corners of the world that today follow it on social networks. And for that reason, he did not want to leave them out of the saddest news: in 2020 he announced that he suffers lung cancer with bone metastases and a year later he explained that he is suffering a relapse which led her to be treated at the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria. With much pain, he announced that the professionals of the place have given him a life expectancy of only two months.

On his Instagram account, he explained in a direct: “This is the last video I’m going to make for now. If I get out of this, I will reconnect. And if I don’t go out It has been a pleasure to meet you, be with you and live this beautiful experience called life”. The comments sending him strength and wishing him a speedy recovery were not long in coming for this actress who knew how to represent her community with great pride on Spanish television.

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