Isabel Macedo will return to Buenos Aires after a long time: the reasons

Isabel Macedo has been living in Salta for a long time, since Juan Manuel Urtubey He is a native of there, where he was governor. In the last days, they lived exciting moments together with Juliathe second baby they had together during their relationship.

After baptizing the girl last weekend, where the politician’s two sons also attended, Isabel Macedo will return to Buenos Aires in what will be the baby’s first trip to the province, in addition to being accompanied by Belinda.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chroniclethe actress always kept her home in San Isidro, and for some time her mother took care of it, so it will be a reunion with his previous life. He has an idea to see some children’s shows, including Nick Jr. Live.

The tour of Isabel Macedo in her native place seems like a good opportunity to see her colleagues and friends, who will also see the show with their little ones, as she will with Belinda and little Julia. Such is life on children’s vacations.

Isabel Macedo with Juan Manuel Urtubey.

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