Isabel Macedo recounted the paranormal experience she lived with her deceased father and her newborn daughter

Isabel Macedo gave birth to her second daughter Juliaas a result of his relationship with Juan Manuel Urtubey with whom he also has belitaless than a month ago and she is enjoying the first steps and moments of her little girl.

Among all the medical shifts and obligations she has with the newborn baby, the actress found the perfect time to pierce Julia’s ears, and for this they hired a professional, who approached the house they share with the former governor.

While the expert worked on decorating the baby’s ears, Macedo shared the surprising coincidence of the life she went through: “Today Felu came to put the openers on Julia. Everything was super fast. We suffered more than the baby.”

Then, the artist moved all her followers by recounting the “appearance” of her deceased father:And she told me that she took care of my father in the Mater Dei. And while he told me a hummingbird clung to the living room window. I do not know what you think, for me it is very clear“.

The surprising coincidence that Isabel Macedo experienced with her baby daughter.

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