Isabeau (LPDLA5) remakes her breasts, this before-after makes Internet users react

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Illan at the heart of a controversy, Isabeau provides him with support on social networks. If we talk to you about the young woman in this article, it’s for something quite different …. We remind you that some time ago, Isabeau decided to redo her nose and her chest. And the beautiful brunette has just unveiled the results of her breast augmentation on the web. The Instagram account @exclutvoff then made a small before and after montage of Isabeau’s silhouette and many Internet users responded. The proof with the few comments that we have selected and which can be found just below.

“Prettier before I think. After that, this is only my personal opinion, but it was more natural (…) I do not understand why she is having surgery, when she does not need it (. ..) It’s very well done, she is beautiful (…) Stop lying, she is prettier now“, we could read on this Instagram post. Opinions that are therefore divided!

For her part, Isabeau seems very happy with this cosmetic surgery. Just as it is with her new nose. And in the end, this is the most important! In the rest of the celebrity news, know that Hilona has made an update on the alleged violence she suffered from Julien Bert during their relationship.

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