Isabeau and Julien Bert soon as a couple? Illan reacts and it’s violent


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Illan has just reacted to the supposed rapprochement between Isabeau and Julien Bert. All the details here.

After having been at the heart of a new controversy, Illan has been making the buzz on social networks for a few hours … It turns out that at the moment, a rumor says that Isabelle and Julien Bert would be getting closer by text message. We remind you that during the filming ofObjective Rest of the World, Hilona had reproached his comrade for having wanted to flirt with Julien Bert on Instagram, while she knew their complicated love situation. And obviously, this rapprochement is once again topical …What made Illan react on his Instagram story which can be found just above.

Illan – Credit (s): W9 / Nicolas Bets

As you can see, Illan wrote the following message to Internet users: “Imagine, you split up and you learn that your ex is going to hit on your worst enemy”. You will have understood it, it is Julien Bert that he describes as “worst ennemy”. And when an Internet user replies: “I do not forbid my worst enemy to collect my litter mdr”, Illan did not fail to bounce back by tackling Julien Bert once again. He declares : “Yeah, I admit. Especially since it’s the second time lol”. As a reminder, Hilona went out with Illan, long before being in a relationship with Julien Bert …

Illan no longer wants to be in a relationship with a new reality TV candidate

And faced with this new love disappointment, Illan has decided not to get into a relationship with a new candidate from reality TV. On his Instagram story, he explains: “I would never go in my life with a TV girl again! You have the little news … The money, the broadcasting, the followers … It’s just that in their head!” . With this message, the young man makes us understand that he will no longer participate in a romance program in order to find love … Moreover, Illan was disappointed with the editing of the Princes and Princesses of Love 5 and he did not hesitate to let it be known!

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