Is Zé Neto hospitalized with Covid-19? Singer’s team pronounces!

Singer Zé Neto, who doubles up with Cristiano, was hospitalized this Monday (14) due to a worsening health condition as a result of Covid-19? The information was released by columnist Erlan Bastos, from Em OFF, but was denied by the artist’s team. In addition to the sertanejo, this week, the disease struck singer Joelma for the fifth time and took Galvão Bueno to hospital.

According to the publication, Zé Neto was admitted to a hospital in São José do Rio Preto, in São Paulo. The columnist states that he arrived at the Hospital de Base de Rio Preto with low saturation and is under observation. This Sunday (13), the duo’s team confirmed the positive diagnosis for Covid-19, but said that the singer has mild symptoms.

In conversation with Purepeople, Zé Neto’s press office denied the hospitalization disclosed by the columnist. According to the sertanejo team, the singer went to the hospital in the morning for tests, but he is fine and has returned home.



In December of last year, Zé Neto canceled a series of shows after detecting the presence of a fungus caused by the use of corticoids, used in a treatment to cure foci of ground glass in the lungs. According to the artist’s team, the problem may have been caused by Covid-19, which he contracted in June 2020, and also by the use of e-cigarettes.

In June of this year, the singer left the stage again, but this time, to treat rib fractures. “They broke three ribs, in a way that could puncture my lung if I didn’t keep quiet”, said Zé Neto, in an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles.

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