Is Verónica Ojeda pregnant?: all the details

In the last hours, Veronica Ojeda she was involved in rumors of pregnancy, because she was seen in a private sanatorium. Journalist John Etchegoyen communicated with Ojeda’s partner, Mario Baudy, who gave all the details about Veronica and her health.

Vero went to Suizo to have a breast study done every year because her mother has breast cancer. And to prevent every year the study is doneEtchegoyen read.

Veronica Ojeda, Diego Maradona and Dieguito Fernando.

And I add: “The best teams are in the Swiss maternity, so someone who saw her enter must have thought she was pregnant“.

The reunion of Dieguito Fernando, son of Diego Maradona and Verónica Ojeda, with his sisters

In the meeting held by Maradona’s heirs to ask for Justice, Diego Fernando hugged his sisters Dalma and Gianinna (who is in the eye of the storm for his relationship with Daniel Osvaldo). “The meeting was good, there are photos that are obviously private, today Veronica took the trouble to ask him how the reunion with his sisters had been and if he wanted to see them again and he said yesBaudry said.

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