Is The Miracle inspired by true history? The truth about the Netflix hit

In Netflix’s Top 10, The Miracle brings one of the best performances of Florence Pugh’s career – the new Black Widow of the MCU. With a mysterious, surprising plot, full of twists and turns, the film soon won over the Brazilian public. So viewers want to know: Is the movie based on a true story?

“In 1862, an English nurse haunted by her past goes to a remote Irish village to investigate a young woman’s supposedly miraculous fast,” states the official synopsis of The Miracle.

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In addition to conquering Netflix subscribers, the film also won the hearts of specialized critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Miracle has an 84% approval rating.

We reveal below everything you need to know about the inspirations behind The Miracle on Netflix; check out.

Is The Miracle plot based on real events?

The simplest answer is no. The plot of O Milagre is not inspired by real events. Anna and Lib’s story is completely fictional.

In fact, Sebastian Lelio’s film is based on the acclaimed book of the same name (The Wonder), written by Emma Donoghue.

Released in 2016, the work made the New York Times bestseller list and received high praise from Stephen King.

“It’s an excellent historical plot, which makes a great analysis of the damage caused by religious perceptions and superstitions”, commented the writer.

Although the plot of O Milagre is completely fictional, the theme of the film finds great inspiration in real life.

Until the 19th century, countless people became famous for “miracle fasts”. Like Anna from The Miracle, these people attracted the attention of curious and devoted visitors. Some were exposed as scammers, and others are still seen today with a good deal of mysticism.

Most often, these magical statements were made by teenage girls. In some cases, they even starved to death.

On her website, writer Emma Donoghue spoke more about the inspirations for The Miracle and the reasons that led to the production of the book.

“I was instantly intrigued by these cases, which seemed to reflect medieval concepts of penance and modern anorexia. They say a lot about what it means to be a girl in the Western world.”

But make no mistake: neither Donaghue’s book nor Sebastian Lelio’s film is intended to investigate the veracity of these claims or discover the science behind permanent fasts.

The film, on the other hand, is a great exploration of the conceptions that led to the girls’ religious fervor.

Furthermore, the outcome of O Milagre reveals the true root of protagonist Anna’s fasting, in a breathtaking twist.

The Miracle, with Florence Pugh in the lead role, is available on Netflix🇧🇷

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