Is The Descendants on Netflix? Where to see the movie with George Clooney


The Oscar Award-nominated film became a classic for lovers of emotional productions. Find out what it is about, how its cast is made up and on which streaming platform to find it.

© IMDbGeorge Clooney starred in The Descendants.

Since his film debut in 1985, George Clooney He has starred in countless hit movies. One of them was titled The descendants and it stood out precisely for proposing drama, comedy and emotion in equal parts. Although it was launched more than a decade ago, the truth is that many fans have not yet seen it or want to enjoy it again. Is it on Netflix? Where can it be found?

+ What is The Descendants with George Clooney about

Under the direction of alexander paynein 2011 hit theaters The descendants. Taking as inspiration the homonymous novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings, the tape presents Matt King, a man who behaves indifferently to his role as husband and father of two daughters. However, when his partner has a boating accident near Waikiki, he is forced to resume his relationship with his heiresses.

Critical response was more than positive: on Rotten Tomatoes alone it has an 87% approval rating. Also, he took a Oscar Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the work of Nat Faxon, Alexander Payne and Jim Rash, plus it earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Editing. In the Golden Globe Awards, George Clooney won Best Dramatic Actor, while the film took his statuette for Best Picture.

+ Where to see The Descendants with George Clooney

Although a good part of Netflix users expect to find it in its catalog, the truth is that it is not part of the subscription service offer. At the moment, The descendants It can be seen on Disney+ in Spain, while in Latin America it is available on Star+. With a duration of 1 hour and 56 minutesbecomes one of the most attractive proposals of both platforms.

+ The cast of The Descendants

Although George Clooney shone in the skin of Matt King, the truth is that the cast of The descendants presented to a group full of renowned interpreters. In this sense, they contributed their actions shailene woodley like Alexandra King, Amara Miller like scottie king Matthew Lillard like Brian Speer and Beau Bridges like Hugh. Rounding out the cast were Judy Greer as Julie Speer, Robert Forster as Scott Thorson, and Patricia Hastie as Elizabeth.

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