Is ‘Night of the Comet’ remake going to happen? Screenwriter answers!

According to SlashFilmthe remake of ‘The Night of the Comet‘, classic ’80s horror, is still in development.

Roxanne Benjamin will be responsible for the script of the new version.

“The remake is still in development. It’s not the same version we worked on initially, but the project is still active. The remake went through a lot of changes, with a lot of different people involved,” declared the screenwriter.

It is worth remembering that the project has been under development since 2019. In an interview with the website, Benjamin clarifies the situation: “The production company Orion Pictures has stopped making its own films. The original productions division closed its doors. That was years ago. The script I wrote was part of that group, and now it’s in this weird limbo where it may never get off the ground. It’s a business matter.”

The original feature, written and directed by Thom Eberhardtfollows two sisters facing off against cannibalistic zombies after a comet destroys nearly all life on Earth.

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