Is it rolling? Pedro Sampaio explains kiss with Pabllo Vittar on TV and catches the singer on the beach in Rio

Pedro Sampaio spoke about the kiss in Pabllo Vittar during the program “Música Boa Ao Vivo”, commanded by Glória Groove, in which Pabllo gave a French kiss in the first performance of the hit “AMEIANOITE”. The DJ explained how is the relationship with the artist, presenter of “Queen Stars Brasil”.

In an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s columnist, from the newspaper “O Globo”, Pedro said that he is intimate with Pabllo. “We have fun. We’ve kissed live, on television. We kissed on ‘TVZ’… It’s our thing. We like each other a lot. I talked to her team that it makes all the difference. We are in a country where people put a lot of weight on it (in this type of relationship)”, he evaluated.

“I don’t see it with this weight that people put on. I understand that it’s cool, it’s cool, people vibrate. When the thing goes to the side of prejudice, it’s negative. But we have fun. It’s something that works. And if you talk to Pabllo for half an hour, you will see that she is very free, it is impossible to hold back. She has an expansive energy”, he said.

Pedro Sampaio clarifies photos on the beach with Pabllo Vittar

Recently, websites published paparazzi photos showing Pedro Sampaio and Pabllo Vitar cuddling on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The producer denied that the episode was arranged or a marketing action to promote the song “Sal”.

“Some scenes of the clip were in this environment of the photos that were leaked. We were waiting for a part of the recording and it happened. We were aware that these photos existed, yes”, he said.

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