Is it getting serious? Sam Abdul reunited with Brett Oppenheim

Samantha Abdul (32) is heating up the rumors about a new love! In April her partner Mischa Mayer (30) and she separated after moving into a house together in Hamburg. But the influencer has long since overcome this love-off: it has been rumored for weeks that she is with Selling Sunset star Brett Oppenheim (45). She shared a photo with him and the two were often in the same places. Now are samantha and board on the road together again!

Jason Oppenheim (45) shared his Instagram-Story a suspicious picture: His twin brother poses on it, samantha, jasonhis companion, Netflix agent Mary Fitzgerald (42) and her husband Romain Bonnet together in a luxurious entrance hall in Las Vegas – and the photo almost looks like a couple picture! board and samantha stand next to the couple, facing each other Mary and Romain. The 45-year-old put his arm around the ex-Bachelor candidate’s waist. “The best welcome,” she happily captioned the repost in her story.

samantha so it’s closed again board traveled to the States – and it will certainly not be the last time! Most recently, she had declared that she wanted to emigrate to Los Angeles. “I keep playing with the idea,” revealed the mother of a son. At that time she still denied the connection with a new love: “I enjoy my life, but I don’t want to share any of it with anyone but my closest ones”.

Instagram / samantha_abdul

Brett Oppenheim and Samantha Abdul

Instagram / samantha_abdul

Samantha Abdul, August 2022
Brett Oppenheim, Entrepreneur

Do you think Samantha will open up about her relationship status anytime soon?

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