Is it finally time to unplug the cable for good?

MontelcoThe lack of interest in cable television is increasingly felt. More and more people are canceling their TV subscription to watch TV online or via apps. This change often goes hand in hand with a “bigger” internet subscription. Time to jump on the bandwagon?

The move towards television via an app is in full swing, as evidenced by the latest quarterly figures from Proximus, for example. In the third quarter of last year, the operator had 13,000 fewer TV customers. Compared to the 1.7 million TV customers, this loss obviously remains low. Proximus however notes an evolution towards “convergent offers” where customers are increasingly opting for a pack of fixed and mobile products.

Many users, especially young people, choose to get rid of cable television and watch TV only online or through apps. They do this for various reasons: they watch too little TV for what they pay for and therefore think it is not worth paying so much. They also choose a more flexible way of watching television. Online and via an app, you can watch TV anywhere and have choice at any time.

Save money by canceling your cable TV? Here are the cheapest TV subscriptions without a decoder.


The offer for watching TV online and via apps has never been as wide as it is today. You can watch the programs of all major Flemish TV channels online or via an app, in real time or delayed. VRT MAX, VTM Go and GoPlay have been introduced in recent years.

You can thus watch the offer of most Flemish channels without any worries. It is obvious that a TV subscription always gives you a greater number of channels, including foreign ones. In other words, to find out if getting rid of cable is worthwhile for you, you must first analyze your television habits.

Multiple possibilities

You can watch TV online in several ways. The one that comes closest to the classic method is the connected TV. You install apps for your favorite TV channels on your TV, then open them with your remote to watch them.

Another option is casting, where you use the app on your smartphone or tablet and then send the image to your TV. Connected TVs often have a built-in casting feature. If you don’t have a smart TV in your living room, you’ll need to purchase a small external box that you connect to your device. The best-known example is Google’s Chromecast.

A third option is to simply watch on your smartphone or tablet. Convenient when cooking or taking a bath, for example.


Before saying goodbye to cable, it is good to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of television online or via an app. We’ve already talked about the greater flexibility of online TV, as well as the wider offering of traditional TV. But that’s not all.

Zappers can still continue to enjoy traditional television, as well as the TV guide and program recording. If you only watch a limited number of channels, movies and series via streaming services, that’s when it becomes interesting to get rid of cable.

Money savings

But can you save money by removing TV services from your subscription? For 61 euros today at VOO, you benefit from a package with unlimited internet, a download speed of 200 Mbps and a TV decoder with all the television channels. By removing the TV services from the package, you will still pay 52 euros per month for Solo Super Relax internet at VOO: unlimited and with speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

VOO also offers an intermediate formula called Duo TV Super Relax, which allows you to watch a limited number of channels via the VOO application. For this pack, you pay 56 euros per month. You also get unlimited internet at a speed of 200 Mbps.

At Proximus, you can make a monthly saving of 12 euros by opting for the Internet Maxi plan, which allows you to benefit from unlimited Internet with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Customers of Scarlet, the low-cost subsidiary of Proximus, can save 8 euros by switching from the Trio pack to the Loco internet subscription.

Finally, at Orange, you can save 17 euros per month by taking Orange Home Internet for 42 euros per month. Add Orange TV Lite, Orange’s TV application, and you’ll have access to twenty channels on your favorite device and save 8.50 euros per month.

But do you prefer traditional TV? Here are the most advantageous TV subscriptions with decoder.

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