Is Hybner’s career going down? I decided not to collapse

Career Wanda Hybner is slowly but surely sinking to the bottom. New cooperation offers don’t come to her any Friday. “In the thirty-five years I’ve been doing this profession, I haven’t had such a long break, that is, apart from normal vacations, during which you have some kind of filming or play somewhere outside anyway,” Vanda confided to

Proud father of four Saša Rashilov: The youngest girls are following in the famous footsteps

“It had several phases, first I panicked, then I started enjoying it for a long time, and even thought about changing professions,” shocked Vanda. “I decided not to collapse,” she added. Hybnerová is probably enjoying herself mainly in one role – that of a grandmother. She indicated that if she were to quit acting, she had a backup plan in place to support herself. But she has not yet revealed what it would be about.

Father of four daughters, Saša Rashilov (49) is overjoyed: He became a grandfather!

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