Is 48-year-old Maggie from Wanted pregnant?

Is 48-year-old Maggie from Wanted pregnant?


09 January 2022, 12:00

The host of the show “Wanted” – Maggie Dimcheva, showed a suspicious belly. In the commercials for the new start time of the BTV show, she looks pregnant. The TV presenter turns 48 at the end of the month, but modern reproductive medicine is so advanced that it’s no wonder that even at this age she’s expecting a successor.For Maggie from Wanted, things in personal life generally come later than most women. She married at the age of 39, and then prayed for a baby in churches and monasteries for nearly two years. A few months before he turned 42, the BTV star managed to give an heir to his beloved – Ivaylo Fichev. In the fall of 2015, she gave birth to a boy, whom she named Constantine. According to rumors, the baby was conceived with an in vitro procedure. In the same way, Maggie’s colleague Nelly Hadjiyska got pregnant some time ago. However, Nelly speaks openly about her failed attempts to become a mother and the two births that followed, while Maggie prefers to remain silent about these details.She seems to be expecting a second child at the moment, after her family celebrated the 6th birthday of her son Tino, who is already attending school, in the autumn. If she is actually pregnant, Maggie will give birth to her second child after celebrating her 48th birthday. Recently, more and more women are becoming mothers at a similar age, which until recently was considered too advanced for such events. Medicine is already advanced enough for motherhood to be possible even later, especially if the first attempts at in vitro fertilization have frozen eggs or used donors. Yuliana Doncheva, for example, gave birth to her son by Stanislav Nedkov-Staki at the age of 49, and Elena Yoncheva turned 52 two months after becoming a mother for the first time. In this situation, it will not be a surprise if Maggie Dimcheva soon boasts that she has another child.Of course, her “pregnant” appearance could be due to a poorly chosen toilet. It is said that Maggie and Nelly from “Wanted” refuse to use the services of stylists and from the start of the show they choose the clothes with which they appear on air. It is no coincidence that the two ladies rarely make the charts for well-dressed native stars, but despite everything, they persistently and boldly continue to go on the air as they like, and not as advised by experts. It is possible that Maggie chose a dress in her advertisement in which she looks pregnant, without actually expecting a child. Her colleague Nelly also seems to have a belly in the video. However, at least for now, there are no doubts about her future motherhood, because she has always looked like a woman in the second trimester of pregnancy.





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