"Irresponsible and sordid …" : Emmanuelle Béart gives a cry from the heart on Instagram!

On the sidelines of her career as an actress, Emmanuelle Béart has never ceased to carry her values ​​of humanism as a standard. In 1996, she made the buzz by violently opposing the evacuation of 300 Africans without papers, refugees for almost two months in the Saint-Bernard church in Paris. This Friday, November 26, 2021, it is again a humanitarian crisis that has ulcerated Guy Béart’s daughter. According to the latest report, at least 27 people died Wednesday afternoon in the sinking of their boat in the Channel, the deadliest ever observed. Five people suspected of being the smugglers were arrested. Among the victims are 17 men, seven women and three young people, as well as two survivors, according to a statement released Thursday, November 25 by the Lille prosecutor’s office. Two survivors, an Iraqi and a Somali, were hospitalized in “severe hypothermia”. Going “a little better today”, they “should be able to be heard shortly”, said the Minister of the Interior on Thursday.

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Emmanuelle Béart is moved and indignant on Instagram

Taking up a publication of the former Miss France Sonia Rolland, Emmanuelle Béart posted a long message bearing her disgust and her pain. “Calais… 31 lives… an irresponsible and sordid business… a country that says it is doing everything it can to help these women and men, while destroying their only possessions, tents and makeshift homes, offered by helpless citizens… associations and misunderstood humans, arrested and at the end of their rope (their own strength!)… and during that time, fascism, uninhibited, is gaining ground in politics, in the media and in homes. Shame on us.“, wrote the actress.

Solidarity has therefore become a crime … Peace to the souls of all those who have had, if only for a moment, the hope of a better future, at the risk of their lives. A thought for this pregnant woman and the children who perished in the waters of shame. A thought for those who returned to earth with heavy hearts and dashed hope. Let us recall that the most powerful States of this world, of which we are part, are the first responsible for what pushes these refugees to leave while leaving everything behind them… one would almost forget our past or contemporary history. So what to do? Its part, by contributing voluntarily or financially to the work of these united citizens “sentinels of humanity” who work every day with the refugees in Calais. Thank you Laurent, Sandrine, Pascaline and the others. Thank you.

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