Iris Mittenaere: Her companion Diego injured and "diagnosed hard", the planned operation

Saturday evening took place the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. And as tradition dictates, a shower of people made the trip to do the show on the red carpet. Iris Mittenaere was notably invited to welcome the nominees of the evening live but also to present a prize on stage. In a sublime golden tight dress, the former Miss is far from having gone unnoticed. She was of course accompanied for the occasion by her accomplice Diego El Glaoui, which appeared an arm in a cast.

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Indeed, just hours before the ceremony, Iris Mittenaere revealed that her dear and tender had been the victim of an accident. Without going into details, she explained that it was not very bad but that Diego had to have his right forearm immobilized. And Tuesday, November 23, 2021, the charming influencer grabbed his story Instagram to complain about being badly cared for. “Some of you have noticed that I injured myself during our visit to Cannes. At the Cannes Hospital Center, I was very surprised that they put me in a huge cast as we did in an era that I thought was over, which weighs a ton, and which clearly did not prevent me from moving my fingers because a plaster takes two days to dry so it moves slightly before actually freezing“, he first confided.

My support was not solid

His intuition then prompted Diego El Glaoui to obtain a second opinion. “Arrived in Paris, I went to consult a more serious service because I felt that my support in Cannes was not solid. They immediately asked me in ‘which country’ I had my accident. Indeed, the sight of the plaster cast and the treatment received made them think that I had been treated in a country far behind what is being done today. I was right to go and check all that …“, he indicated. Especially since Diego could have passed on the pool table because of a”hard diagnostic“. “At Cannes, they said I should surely have an operation. In Paris, the surgeon told me that it would not be useful at all …

He is now looking forward to having “a beautiful custom-made splint, very light, which keeps the part to be immobilized much better, while allowing me good mobility of the part which must remain mobile“. All’s well That ends well !

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