Irene shows that not everything is so good or bad with this meme

The Red Velvet girls are experts at making fans happy, not only with their sense of humor and charisma but also with the memes they inspire. Irene was captured in two different moments that together make REVELUV laugh.

Each member of this girls group has had funny moments that many times become reaction images used by fans, for example we have Yeri with headphones, to Seulgi sleeping and the list goes on.

But the Red Velvet leader is no slouch when it comes to giving fans hilarious reactions, so you’re probably already thinking of some of the many. memes of Irene that make us laugh.

Today we tell you about a very popular one and this time it is not a photo of the K-Pop idol, but of two of them.

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Red Velvet: Irene goes from laughter to seriousness with an unforgettable meme

The meme compares two moments of Irene that occurred a short time apart, since we see her in the same place and outfit, however, they are almost opposite screenshots because in one of them she laughs out loud and in the other she seems to be in shock.

Meme of Irene from Red Velvet. | Source: Twitter @xiaotyluv

This duo of images has been used as a meme over and over again, mainly comparing two sides of the story that show us that although there may be a good part, there also tends to be something that detracts from some merits.

Meme of Irene from Red Velvet. | Source: Twitter @xiaotyluv

For example when you start a drama with a lot of joy and the ending does not turn out as you expected. oops!

Meme of Irene from Red Velvet. | Source: Twitter @wenaapo

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Where did Irene’s meme come from where she laughs out loud and then is shocked?

This meme originated from a live broadcast where Irene greeted fans of red velvethad fun reading comments, laughed with intensity and more.

But the screenshots of the fans revealed very contradictory ways because they portrayed different moments of the idol, that’s how this funny reaction was born.

We also tell you about a True Beauty meme for love triangles.

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