ireland cute dog: Dog invades pitch during T20 match in Ireland video viral; Wow what a fielding… when the dog ran with the ball in his mouth in a live match, tired the female players fiercely

New Delhi
An incident happened during a women’s cricket match in Ireland, the video of which is making a splash on social media. In the video, a dog is seen fielding, behind which the entire team is running. Not only this, he does not come under anyone’s grip and eventually goes to the non-striking end by himself and gives the ball to the player.

This is the video of the semi-final of the All Ireland Women’s T20 Cup in Ireland. This match was played between Brady Cricket Club and Civil Service North Ireland Cricket Club. In the match, Brady batted first and scored 105 runs.

The Civil Services had got a small target, but due to rain, got a revised target of 72 runs in 12 overs. Civil had a poor start and his 6 wickets fell early. In the 9th over of the innings, AB Lizzie played a shot at the third man. The fielder throws the ball to the wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper tried to scatter the stumps, but the throw went in the wrong direction.

While running on the field, Doggy pressed the ball in his mouth and started running. In an attempt to get the ball, the fielders also started running after him. But the dog was faster than him. At first, he kept running in the field for a while, then went back to the batswoman on the non-striking end. Batwoman took the ball loving Doggy. After this the dog was taken out of the field. During this, players and commentators were also seen laughing.

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