Ireland Baldwin: "I live in constant fear of dying of a heart attack"

Ireland Baldwin
She has cardiophobia

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Ireland Baldwin makes an emotional revelation to her fans that she has a specific anxiety disorder – cardiophobia. Now she has found a way to deal with her fear.

Ireland Baldwin, 26, uses social media to raise awareness of an important topic and to encourage others. In an emotional Instagram post, the daughter of Alec Baldwin, 63, and Kim Basinger, 68, reveals that she regularly suffers from panic attacks. These are triggered by fear of having a heart attack.

She relentlessly describes her mental state and explains how she copes with her so-called cardiac neurosis. The model tries to build up those affected with touching words.

Ireland Baldwin: “I live in constant fear of dying of a heart attack”

Ireland Baldwin posted two pictures of herself holding a blood pressure monitor on Instagram. In the first photo, she points at the device and looks seriously into the camera, while in the second snapshot, she smiles and hugs her face against the measuring device. Because this device is the only thing that can calm them down. The reason: Ireland suffers from cardiophobia. “I ordered a blood pressure monitor to measure my heart rate and blood pressure accurately because I live in constant fear of dying of a heart attack,” she writes.

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She experiences “typical anxiety attacks” accompanied by a racing heart and chest pain that “convince me that I have a heart condition that I do not have”. She does not take any medication, but has already seen an anxiety specialist and engaged in breathing exercises. But nothing calms her down as much as an EKG, which is why the blood pressure monitor is of great help to her. “I know it might seem silly to you, but this little machine has brought me the greatest comfort.”

It gives courage to other affected people

The model also reveals that his heart neurosis was so bad in the past that she called an ambulance or went to clinics several times – even if the medical staff always assured that the heart was okay. For 2022, Ireland Baldwin has resolved not to let their fears deter them any longer. “I’m afraid of food, of my digestive system, of my heart, of large crowds, of talking about fear, of airplanes and so on,” which is why she missed a lot of life.

After all, Alec Baldwin’s daughter addresses those affected and assures them that they are not alone. She ends her post with the following words: “Surround yourself with people who understand you, or at least try to. And if you feel anxious now … take a deep breath. It’ll be fine.”

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