‘Iranian Hulk’ debuts in boxing, but is humiliated and mocked by the Internet

In social networks What Twitter it has become trend the new one “feat” from Sajad Gharibi, the bodybuilder from Iran known on the internet as the ‘iranian hulk‘. He has generated a lot of controversy, because he decided to venture into the world of boxing and in his debut things went wrong for him, because his first fight ended abruptly after receiving a tremendous right hand from his rival.

The least wanted debut

The event took place in United Arab Emiratesorganized by Wicked N Bad (Dubai)the Iranian’s opponent was Djumanov Almat Bakhytovichwhose nickname is none other than the “kazakh titan” (Kazakhstan), who did not have many problems to prevail over our protagonist.

The images are more than graphic to take for granted that Gharibi He was not born to box, because at all times we see him receive blow after blow, clumsily covering himself; in fact, at a certain point in the footage shared on Twitter he is even seen fleeing to the corner to avoid the beating.

The iranian hulk’ was unable to answer, because he covered his face at all times to avoid a bad punch, but when the Kazakh He replicates two attacks without measuring himself, the referee decides to intervene to separate them.

They beg him not to box again

Immediately, users of Twitter they did not hesitate to make fun of Sajad Gharibi who, in short, begged him not to get back into a ring: “Boxing has become a joke. (Logan) Paul, Hasbulla, mcgregor…someone should ban this kind of fighting”, “This must be the most embarrassing fight I’ve ever seen”, “someone pay the ‘iranian hulk’ so that I never step foot in a boxing ring again”, “what am I witnessing!”

Iranian ‘Hulk’, an Internet phenomenon

Gharibitoday the 30 yearsbecame known in social networks A few years ago when doctored photos of him were published (although there was no conclusive result of this) where he was seen with an ultra-worked physique, which is why Internet users baptized them as the ‘Iranian Hulk’.

One of the first episodes where he gave what to talk about on the Internet, was when in 2016 offered to fight him Islamic State (ISIS) in Syriato the point that he thanked the soldiers of this country for offering their lives in that country, calling them heroes.

Frustrated debut in MMA

One of his most important controversies took place in November 2021 when he challenged Martin Forda British wrestler Mixed martial arts (mma), who accepted the challenge via Instagram, but seeing how the Asian was preparing, he did not hesitate to make fun of it.

That’s why, when the two saw each other’s faces last April, Ford gave him a strong push, but seeing the Iranian’s reaction, the British decided not to continue with the fight because, he assured, he was very concerned about the mental state of ‘Hulk‘.

How heavy is the Iranian Hulk?

According to Sajad Gharibi – nicknamed “the Iranian Hulk” or “the Persian Hercules” – is 1.87 meters tall and weighs 174 kilos.

What is bullying on the Internet?

Cyberbullying is harassment or intimidation through technology digital. It can happen on social media, messaging platforms, gaming platforms, and mobile phones. It is a behavior that is repeated and that seeks to frighten, anger or humiliate other people, details .

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