Irandhir Santos undergoes surgery after falling from a horse while recording the soap opera ‘Pantanal’

Irandhir Santos must return to the recordings of the novel “Pantanal” next week after going through a surgery as a result of an accident. The information is from the portal “Uol”. O purepeople sought out the press office of Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera, but had no response until the end of the story. This is another unforeseen event that surrounds the recordings, after an outbreak of Covid-19.

Interpreter for José Lucas de Nada fell off a horse during a recording and had to be admitted to a hospital in Recife (Pernambuco) where he underwent surgery on one of his shoulders. In the process of recovery, Irandhir has been undergoing physical therapy sessions.

The fall occurred during the final recordings in Mato Grosso do Sul. Afterwards, the actor was taken to a hospital in the capital of that state. And when he learned that it would be necessary to operate, he preferred to be transferred to the capital of Pernambuco so he could be close to his family.

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Another actor of the soap opera ‘Pantanal’ suffered a car accident

In April, Silvero Pereira, the Zaquieu of the nine o’clock soap opera, was in a car accident. Apart from the scare, which took place between the cities of Senador Pompeu and Piquet Carneiro, in Ceará, the artist suffered nothing. When trying to make a sharper turn, Silvero lost control of the car and overran the shoulder.

Afterwards, the vehicle ended up on a cliff, getting stuck between the trees. According to his advice, Silvero and two friends who were with him in the car were wearing seat belts. After the accident, Silvero called the insurance and the municipal guard.

“My people, everything is fine! Don’t worry. It was nothing serious, no injuries! Everything is fine. I’m going home now. Very calm,” said the butler’s interpreter on social media, a future victim of homophobia when he moved to the Pantanal.

Former BBB Rodrigo Mussi returned to the scene of a car accident

A month before Silvero’s accident, Rodrigo Mussi was involved in a car accident. The former BBB faced surgeries and a period of hospitalization and this week returned to the scene of the accident, reporting a mixture of sensations.

“ANDI’m here to tell you that I’m alive, I survived, I’m happy, I’m grateful and that’s it. You’ll have to put up with me a little longer“, he reported.

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