Irandhir Santos manifests after operation and accident with horse in recording of ‘Pantanal’

Irandhir Santos thanked fans for messages after undergo a shoulder operation, after falling from a horse in recording. José Lucas de Nada from the soap opera “Pantanal” is away from work, but should return to the studios next week.

In a good mood, the actor mentioned in his Instagram Stories the dispute that his character will have to go through in the nine o’clock soap opera involving Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) and Tadeu (José Loreto), his brother of consideration, proposed by his father, José Leôncio (Marcos Palm tree).

“Querides (sic). Thank you for the many messages I’ve received. I’m fine. The surgery took place a few weeks ago and went very well. I’ve already started physical therapy and will return to work soon. Zé Lucas, after all, has a silver saddle to fight!” he wrote.

To purepeople, Globo’s press office had confirmed Irandhir’s fall. “A few weeks ago, while recording a scene mounted on a horse, in the Pantanal, the actor had an incident, he was promptly attended to, and is already scheduled to return to filming in the next few days”.

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