Iran protests: Iranian security forces killed more than 70 people in a week, NGO says

The total death toll has risen to 416 since the beginning of the protest movement sparked on September 16 by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd arrested by the morality police for having broken the strict dress code requiring women to wear the sailing in public.

Among those dead were 51 children and 21 women, according to Oslo-based IHR. Over the past seven days, the majority of casualties have been in Kurdish regions of western Iran, where Tehran has sent reinforcements as protests mount.

Demonstrations took place in several cities – Mahabad, Javanroud or Piranchahr -, often linked to the funeral ceremonies of people killed by the police. Iranian Kurdish rights group Hengaw, also based in Norway, accused authorities of firing live ammunition at protesters. It said five people were killed on Monday in Javanroud, where several thousand people gathered to pay tribute to the victims of the weekend.

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