Iran, first death sentence for protests after the death of Mahsa Amini. And another 756 people sent to trial for “riots”

There is the first sentenced to death for protests in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini. The man was found guilty of “set fire to a government centerdisturbed the public order, conspired to commit a crime against the national security, enmity towards God and corruption on earth.” Five other detainees were sentenced to between 5 and 10 years. For the death of the young woman, which followed riots across the country, in the meantime it was decided to send a process other 756 people in three Iranian provinces.

164 will be tried in the southern province of Hormozgananother 276 in the central one of markazi and, finally, 316 in the province of Isfahanwhile 100 young people have been released with the promise they will not take part in any further riots in the future. Since the beginning of the demonstrations for Mahsa Amini have become like this over 2 thousand people indicted, nearly half of whom a Tehran.

Meanwhile, the Iranian government reacted furiously to the statements of the French president, Emmanuel Macronthat Friday in Paris received on the sidelines of Forum for Peace four Iranian activists, praising them for the “Revolution” that they “are leading” in their country. Statements that have been branded as “deplorable and shameful” by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kananiaccording to which Macron’s is one “flagrant violation” of the “international responsibilities of France in the fight against terrorism and violence”.

According to theElishaMacron received a delegation consisting of Masih AlinejadNew York-based activist who encourages Iranian women to protest headscarves, Shima Babaeiwho campaigns for information about the father detained for many politicians, Ladan Boroumandco-founder of a Washington-based human rights organization, e Roya Piraeiwhose mother Minoo Majidi was killed by security forces at the start of the crackdown on protests.

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