IPL 2021 latest news: test cricket ya ipl Jonny Bairstow Chris Woakes aur Dawid Malan ke faisale se utha bada sawal; OPINION: Test cricket or IPL .. big question raised by the decision of Bairstow, Chris Woakes and Malan

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India and England were to play the 5th Test match in Manchester, but just before that, Team India’s assistant physio Yogesh Parmar became a victim of Kovid-19. The thrilling Test series came to a sad end after 24 hours of drama. The match was declared cancelled, but somewhere it drew a line between the relationship between the Cricket Board of England and India. The matter did not end here. After this, Jonny Bairstow, Chris Woakes and David Malan withdrew their names from the second half of the IPL starting 19 September.

All these players are not only part of the English squad for the ICC T20 World Cup in UAE and Oman to be hosted by India, but all will also play in the Ashes series against Australia. All of them decided to spend time with family instead of IPL. The biggest reason for this is also spending more time in Quarantine due to Kovid-19. However, the whole matter has raised a big question. That is, what test is taking a toll on T20, which is considered the most exciting cricket format in cricket?

If you ask the Indian captain Virat Kohli, he will undoubtedly give the most importance to Tests. A similar atmosphere is present in the cricketers of England and Australia, who are currently considered to be the pivot of cricket. They place Test cricket far above the limited overs format. Tests lasting 5 days are also called real cricket. Here every player of the team gets equal opportunity to show his talent in 4 innings.

The popularity of T20 has suddenly increased a lot since 2006-07. Especially India’s IPL, Australia’s BBL, Caribbean CPL and Pakistan PSL leagues have attracted a lot of players. Some senior cricketers believe that the day is not far when Test cricket will end. Former England Steve Harmison said after the cancellation of the India-England Test that this is the beginning of the end of Test cricket. However, many senior England cricketers would hardly agree with his statement.

Not only the players of Australia and England, but the fans also wait for the Ashes series to be held every year. Inside the field, there are many stories of tussle between the ball and the bat, the players fighting. On the other hand, when former cricketers are seen playing mind games for their team off the field, there is a tremendous response from the fans. A similar atmosphere also happens in the series between India and Australia.

As T20 cricket spread rapidly around the world in the form of a league, it had to turn to day-night matches to keep the Test alive. The first Day-Night Test was played between New Zealand and Australia in November-December 2015. This returned the excitement to the oldest format of cricket, but only 16 Tests have been played in the last 6 years. That is, on an average only 2 to 3 Test matches were held every year. India has played a total of 3 Day-Night Tests so far.

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