Investigation on the coops, Soumahoro’s mother-in-law: “We have no money for employees, the state does not pay us on time. I should have fired them”

The employees of the Karibu cooperative report unpaid salaries for 400 thousand euros? “We have no money to give him because the state does not pay us on time: between bureaucracy and Covid, the funds arrived even after a year and a half. (…) My mistake was don’t fire them first. When we realized that the state advances arrived too late I should have had the courage to do so, but I’ve known them for twenty years and I preferred to wait”. Speaking in an interview at Republic is Marie Therese Mukamitsindomother-in-law of the new deputy and former trade unionist Aboubakar Soumahoroinvolved in an investigation by the Latina Public Prosecutor’s Office into alleged non-payments to workers e mistreatment to the migrants guests of the coop of which he is president. She swears she hasn’t pocketed one euro of the funds received from the state (up to ten million a year): “Everything was spent on refugees, to whom I have dedicated 21 of my 68 years. All is reported and I can prove it”. Indeed, he says, “with my savings I paid the coop 45 thousand euros”. “My mother hasn’t had a salary for four years. She is a worker of the State and no one defends her ”, relaunches her daughter, Liliane Murekatetethe 45-year-old wife of Soumahoro, who until a few months ago sat on Karibu’s board of directors.

To demonstrate the delays in the disbursement of funds that would justify the unpaid salaries, the deputy’s mother-in-law says she has “the transfers with the dates and a reminder letter of the Prefecture to the municipality of Roccagorga that he owes us 90 thousand euros. That of Latin 100 thousand. For the “Pearl” project against the illegal hiring they gave us the goal of the 80 thousand due, we have received from the 8 per thousand of 2019 80 thousand out of 157 thousand, only in 2022. We went on layoffs, I didn’t sleep there at night ”. On the other aspect of the complaint presented by the Uiltucs union, the testimonies of the migrants hosted in the Karibu structures who tell of electricity And missing waterpoor food, mistreatment and racism, Mukamitsindo replies: “The boys, who have a legal guardian, they never complained to us“. And he suggests they may have beenmanipulated by the union, who went to them. And I wonder if it is correct to collect testimonies without the permission of the legal guardian”. “The target is Aboubakar, they want to bury him. Coincidentally a month after his entry into Parliament, and immediately after going to Catania to defend the landing of migrants, this scandal breaks out ”, says his daughter.

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