Invest in a healthy and sporty lifestyle!

Without movement, it is as if a person ceases to exist. Movement gives the human body the necessary energy, strengthens the mind and makes us generally happier and more satisfied. With the offer of the new sports store, you too can now do something for your health and thus achieve greater satisfaction.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle has recently become an increasingly discussed topic. The specter of civilizational diseases, threatening our health and sometimes even our lives, lurks around every corner. A healthy lifestyle is a mirror of our daily habits, leisure time and lifestyle. Eating sparingly and healthily, not drinking, not smoking and sleeping regularly are important prerequisites for a healthy life. But what we cannot do without in any case is movement, physical activity. As soon as we realize these facts, we have already partially won. But there is still a long way ahead, which requires sacrifices of time and money. If you invest in your health based on exercise and sports, you are making a healthy investment. The new Sportano sports store now offers in its e-shop specialized sports products of well-known and highly valued brands such as Pit Bull West Coast, Head, Bushido, HMS, inSPORTline, Schwinn, Kettler, Adidas, Nike, Spokey, Thorn Fit and many others . You can choose from a wide selection of sportswear and equipment for hiking, running, water sports, bicycles, fishing, skating, golf, as well as for recreation and relaxation.

Cycling is for everyone

Bicycles are not only a popular and widely used means of transport to school and to work, we also engage in cycling as an exercise activity in our free time. In addition to team sports, it is also one of the most frequently cultivated sports activities. In the Sportano sports store you can choose bicycles for children and adults, mountain, road, city, cross, trekking bikes, electric bikes have been very popular in recent years. Among electric bikes, you will find the best models with electric assistance from manufacturers who focus on efficient driving in all conditions. Experienced riders and recreational enthusiasts choose individual models for greater comfort on demanding routes and in the city. Riding an electric bike is a modern way of actively spending your free time, and the type of assistance depends on the individual setting. Thanks to the different ranges you can count on efficient driving and training adapted to your preferences and abilities.

Inline skating for children and adults

Did you know that skates were used as a means of transportation in Scandinavia more than three thousand years ago? Throughout history, skating has developed the most in the Netherlands. The Dutch on ice skates were able to overcome long distances on frozen canals between villages and thus became the pioneers of ice skating. Inline (roller) skates, as we all know, are not used for movement on ice, but on paved non-slip roads. More and more trails for inline skating are being created in the Czech Republic, so it’s no wonder that you can skate almost everywhere. Inline skating is a sport for all ages. It increases fitness, strengthens health, rids the body of harmful substances. The endorphin hormone is released in the skater’s body, which causes a feeling of happiness and rids the body of pain. Inline skating can also be a suitable social event, during which it is possible to meet friends or meet new people. The Sportano sports store offers a large number of models from various brands, from which you will surely choose. Roller skating has a positive effect on our condition, allows us to exercise all parts of the body (especially legs and buttocks) and also helps burn fat. It is also important that skating does not strain the joints and improves movement coordination.

You will find everything you need in the e-shop

If you are serious about physical activity, you cannot do without quality sports equipment. An invaluable advantage of the sports store Sporty the main thing is that you can find everything you need in one place, clearly organized into individual categories according to sports orientation. In case of any confusion, do not hesitate to contact experienced experts who will be happy to help you with the selection of products.

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