Invasion, the review of the eighth episode: first contact

The review of the eighth episode of Invasion, the sci-fi series available on Apple TV + which is preparing to connect the characters waiting for the finale.

Invasion: Tara Moayedi and Azhy Robertson in the fourth episode

As we will see in this one review of the eighth episode of Invasion, the serie sci-fi available on Apple Tv+ created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil has now entered its final phase. It is noticeable for how, despite its slow progress consistent with the rest of the episodes, it is finally starting to shake things up and put the protagonists of the events in contact. Starting from the title of the episode, Contact, Invasion proposes the themes that will accompany the fifty minutes of the week: between those who cross someone else’s life, between conversations at a distance, between answers that have finally arrived.

Houses that wait

Invasion Photo 010404

Invasion: Shioli Kutsuna in the fourth episode

It starts from the story of Trevante Ward (who will occupy most of the episode’s minutes), who after having managed to save a family and get on a plane that smelled of salvation lands in London. Still too far from his wife who is waiting for him at home. A wife like Aneesha who, having managed to escape from the home invasion, can catch her breath. His marriage, by now, is far from surviving, but once again the strong bond that binds the mother to her children is perceived. And it is precisely a contact between mother and son that takes place following the events of the young Caspar, who manages to return home not without making an important discovery. His story will cross with that of Trevante, starting the first real intertwining between characters who until now had remained separate and who, we are sure, will not be the last. Because there is still a lot to discover and to resolve with regard to this typical alien invasion, in the hope not only of surviving but also of understanding who you are fighting against. A fight that the scientist Mitsuki does not want to give up, despite the fact that she is increasingly tired and the bureaucratic obstacles in front of her do not seem to diminish. The very finale of the episode will also give his story a small leap forward, giving the viewer hope that he is finally witnessing a narrative jolt that can make the story evolve. It is the last contact, the one between the series and the viewer, perhaps the most precious.

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The end is upon us

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Invasion: a scene from the third episode

After eight episodes, and less than two before the end of the season, Invasion needed to restore a bond with its audience, in the hope of opening the doors to the final act and regaining that atmosphere that, at least in the first episodes, had really worked a lot. . Despite the excellent initial idea, the sci-fi series, thanks to some lightness of the script and the desire to stretch too much the elastic of the wait, was losing that necessary charm that made it different from all the other alien invasion-themed stories. There are many sequences, in this eighth episode, which try to reconcile the viewer and make him rediscover that spark of interest, especially emotional. At times, the episode succeeds in this difficult operation. Just a few conversations on the phone or a suitable editing choice to try again that interest in the characters that seemed lost, even if the general feeling is that something has inevitably been lost. At some particularly successful and exciting moments, Contact alternates some length of time that slows down an already limping pace. It seems that the best is yet to come, but the clock is ticking inexorably and it is close to the end.

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At the conclusion of our review of the eighth episode of Invasion, it must be admitted that the story takes a few steps forward, leaving hope for the next last two episodes of the season. The emotional moments work, even if alternated with some sequences that seem to want to lengthen the narrative stasis too much. The stories of the characters begin to fit together and talk to each other. A choice that perhaps took place late with respect to the premises and which could be counterproductive: it is up to the viewer to understand if the interest in this atypical and silent alien invasion is still fueled by a lively flame.

Because we like it

  • The most exciting moments know how to rediscover the quality of a series that seemed to be lost.
  • History begins to take important steps forward.

What’s wrong

  • There remains a few moments of stasis too.
  • Perhaps the series has lost that original bond with the viewer and is now struggling to capture it properly.

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