Into the wild: how much weight did Emile Hirsch lose on the set?


The actor who played Christopher McCandless had to undergo a severe diet in order to embody the final scenes of Sean Penn’s film.

Emile Hirsch, protagonist of the film.
© IMDbEmile Hirsch, protagonist of the film.

about 15 years ago, Sean Penn premiered in theaters one of the films that became an icon of the anti-system: into the wild. Starring Emile Hirschtold the true story of Christopher McCandless, a young man who had everything but one day decided to put it aside to live a more extreme experience in direct connection with nature. In this way, he undertook a trip to Alaska, where he lost his life after being trapped in an abandoned bus that caused him to die of starvation.

While for many the film is a symbol of what can be done on a journey of self-discovery, for others it is just another way of romanticizing an impossible lifestyle for the times we live in. Such was the impact that the story of McCandless that not only did he become a kind of martyr but also the bus where he lost his life became his altar. This resulted in a large number of young people lost in search of this vehicle, which was finally withdrawn by the Canadian authorities to discourage the adventurers who went in search of it.

It is that, the trip of Christopher McCandless It looks very beautiful if you see it through the lens of Sean Pennwhich is in charge of recounting the best moments of this young man’s life (replicated from a book written by the journalist Jon Krakauer. Of course Sean Penn He was also in charge of showing the hardest side of the end of this young man, when after adopting his new pseudonym, Alexander Supertrampbegan to suffer more and more from the lack of food and from the low temperatures of Alaska.

+Emile Hirsch’s hard work in Into the wild

In order to replicate the journey of Alexander Supertramp in into the wild, Sean Penn He proposed to his entire team (Emile Hirsch included) roll in chronological order the story of this adventurer. In this way, it would be much easier for the actor to get into the skin of the young man and how he went through each of his steps until he reached Alaska. This, of course, meant that the artist we saw in films like Lords of Dogtown Y Meteor I had to lose a lot of weight for the final scenes.

Derek Hillproduction designer into the wildtalked with Look who I found about how hard it was for Emile Hirsch do this process. “I was on a special diet because I had to lose weight. We went to eat and they brought us the food and they sent him the special menu by mail. When I met Emile he weighed 77 kilos. So he did his part, he was fine: he lost a pound, five pounds, four and a half pounds, seven pounds. Then he started to get hard”, he remembered. According to Hillthe actor could no longer have dinner with them and they could not speak to him because, according to what he said Sean PennI was “affecting” severely. “The day we did the bear scene, he weighed 110 pounds. She basically starved herself to play that role.”said the director in the interview.

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