Intimate surgery, the new fad among celebrities, improves women’s health, says expert

Still pointed out as a taboo for many women, intimate surgery has gained more and more followers in Brazil.

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The result of this is that the country has become the world champion in the number of procedures performed, so much so that several personalities have already done it, such as geisy arruda, Deolane Calf, Angela Bismarchi e Andressa Urach, and more recently, Viviane Felicio, the mother of the ex-BBBViih Tube, who talked about it this week.

However, it is necessary to understand that these treatments are not only aimed at satisfaction with an aesthetic issue, and they can be indicated for those who suffer from problems such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, fallen bladder, perineum, in addition to being aimed at women who took anabolic steroids , due to clitoral enlargement, and those that are in the post-menopause period of a woman’s life when there is loss of lubrication of the vaginal mucosa.

For the medical expert in the subject, Dr. Will Barros, the technique improves the woman’s sexual life as a whole. In addition, he points out that “our country has a record in intimate surgery, even if the subject is not as debated and well known, so I emphasize: it is necessary to demystify and take the information to as many women as possible, as it is not just about an aesthetic repair surgery, it brings improvements to the intimate life and health of those who perform it”.

Working for over 15 years in this area, the doctor says that he performs functional surgeries in a specific region of the vulva or vagina and this leads to an aesthetic result that boosts the woman’s self-esteem. “The consequence of this is well-being and a full return to sex life”, he highlights.

About the procedure itself, Dr. Will reveals that the procedure is quite simple. “A local anesthesia is applied and the entire process takes no more than two hours. On recovery, it depends a lot on what was done, but on average it takes 25 to 60 days. Another detail to note is that there are no restrictions on age, but in the case of adolescent girls, parental authorization is essential”, she adds.

For those who want to undergo intimate surgery, the doctor advises: “The patient cannot be carried away by vanity and neglect safety. It is necessary to research and make sure what is safer and more suitable, choose a qualified and capable professional to carry out the procedure. It is noteworthy that the procedure should only be performed in an outpatient room size 01.

It is important to clarify that in most cases of female intimate surgery the objective is to make the region more ‘beautiful’, but this is also very subjective and personal. Therefore, before making a decision and undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery, a woman needs to think about the matter, talk to her partner and her trusted doctor,” he concludes.

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