‘Interview with the Vampire’: Series adaptation will be more faithful to the book, reveals producer

THE AMC recently released the first full trailer for ‘Interview with the Vampire’adaptation of the classic literary saga of Anne Riceand it looks like the series will capture the essence of the original book.

In an interview with EWexecutive producer Mark Johnson commented on the project and revealed that the narrative will be more faithful than the film in terms of narrative – despite Rice having signed the script for the 1994 feature film.

“We’ve tried to stay true to the spirit of the book as long as we can, but it’s a very modern interpretation”he revealed. “In many ways, our show is more faithful to the book than the movie was, which is ironic given that Anne Rice herself wrote the screenplay for the movie.”

Remembering that the series has a release scheduled for the day october 02.

The cast has Sam Reid (‘The Newsreader’), who will play the vampire Lestat; Jacob Anderson (‘Game of Thrones’), which will play Louis de Pointe du Lac; Eric Bogosian (‘Billions’), which will play Daniel Molloy; Assad Zaman, who will give life to Rashid; and Bailey Bass (‘Avatar 2’), who will play Claudia, a young woman who is turned into a vampire by Louis and Lestat.

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The plot of the first book revolves around the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac as he relates the story of his life to a reporter, especially how he was turned into a vampire and then mentored by Lestat de Lioncourt.

Alan Taylor (‘Game of Thrones’) will direct the first two episodes.

Eight episodes have been ordered for the first season, which is slated to premiere in 2022.

rollin jones (‘Friday Night Lights’) will serve as showrunnerin addition to being responsible for the production script.

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