Interview with Dame Eileen Atkins from the series Doc Martin

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We spoke to actress Dame Eileen Atkins about Doc Martin, the popular series that is coming to an end after 10 seasons. Safety pin!

Gimme Eileen Atkins
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Gimme Eileen Atkins is an experienced actress who personifies Ruth Ellingham in the popular series Acorn TV, Doc Martinwhere the interpreter made her debut in 2011 and since then she has remained at the side of martin clunes as one of the most important characters in the TV program that follows the alternatives in the life of this very particular doctor. what does he have to tell us Gimme Eileen Atkins? Find out below!

+Our conversation with Dame Eileen Atkins

.7. You have a lot of experience in theatre, film and television: what do you like the most?

I only enjoy theater because I have a relationship with the audience, it’s like working with someone with whom you have a great connection and you can’t feel that on TV.

.6. What does Doc Martin mean to you?

I have great moments doing the program and it also leaves me time to do other activities. It’s a lot of fun filming it and the group of actors knows each other very well. We get along really good! Martin Clunes is very funny and tries to make everyone enjoy doing the show.

.5. What is your dynamic working with Martin Clunes?

He’s fantastic, he’s a very funny person and he always looks for laughs between takes. He is determined that we are happy doing this and that makes it very special. I don’t know anyone else like that.

.4. How do you think your character developed in Doc Martin?

When I started I was a different version, very rude to people, more like Martin, then they realized that this was not going to work at all well and they made me a nicer person. I’m happy doing anything at Doc Martin!

.3. Did the doctor make the right decision by retiring in the last season?

No, and my character got mad about it. You have someone who is brilliant at what he does and he wastes it like that. She saw it that way and pushed him back to work.

.two. Where do you place Doc Martin in your career?

Truly very high for the pleasure it causes me.

.1. Are you sad that the series is coming to an end?

Yes absolutely! I think it should end because the character became almost normal and learned to measure words from him. He definitely changed for the better so he was much funnier when he was ruder to others.

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