International: Sneaker and Fortnite: The incredible Özil empire

Mesut Özil is in the late autumn of his career – but the 2014 world champion is not only making his money on the lawn.

Few footballers have had such a dazzling career as Mesut Özil. Ups and downs are in spectacular proportions.

The Heights: Mega-Star at Real Madrid, who was also particularly praised by Cristiano Ronaldo. Midfield genius at Arsenal, where fans dubbed him ‘Assist King’. And of course the 2014 World Cup title with Germany.

The Downs: A photo with Turkish President Erdoğan in May 2018 that sparked heated debate. Resignation from the national team, accusations of racism against the DFB. The relationship with the German fans, which will probably be burdened forever. And recently the dreadful finish at Fenerbahçe.

Özil is now playing at Başakşehir Istanbul, it may be his last professional stop. But what’s next for him? The 34-year-old has long provided for his income and built up a real empire.

The M10 brand

When it comes to his investments and business plans, Özil does not just limit himself to being a silent financier in the background. On the contrary: Similar to mega stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, he has long since built up his own brand, including an iconic shirt number.

Under the “M10” umbrella brand, the German has been building up business branches in many different areas for years. At the latest since Özil lost his lucrative sponsorship contract with Adidas in 2020, he has been concentrating fully on his own branding.

Your own esports team

In 2018, Özil founded an eSports team under the name of his brand: “M10 eSports”. According to the website, the games Fortnite and – of course – FIFA are represented there.

However, the actual activity of the team is difficult to see. Since 2019 there has been no current entry on the Facebook page, on Twitter you can find rather generic general posts about FIFA cards for 2022.

So it doesn’t seem to be running smoothly for Özil’s eSports activities – but it can happen very quickly, especially in such a business.

Sneakers, hoodies, caps: Özil as a fashion guru

Having your own merchandise is a good thing for today’s soccer star. Those who want to pursue this further even bring out complete collections – as does Özil.

M10 caps, M10 hoodies, M10 training clothes: you can buy all this and much more in Özil’s own store and partner shops. Even if the social media activities of the specially set up account on Instagram have been on hold again since 2020: You can still purchase the products, which seem quite noble.

In addition, Özil and his partner “Hide & Jack” brought out the limited-edition sneaker “The Cage”, which was intended to symbolize a homage to his beginnings in a Gelsenkirchen soccer cage. The model is now sold out.

Coffee at 39 Steps Coffee House

Mesut Özil opened his first coffee shop in 2018 in Soho, London under the name “39 Steps Coffee Haus”. The “39 Steps” in the chain’s name refers to the 39 steps it takes to turn a bean into a coffee. The chain has since expanded and opened more stores.

Above all, 39 Steps Coffee Haus is committed to the careful process of roasting. Not only can you buy coffee online, you can also book courses at the London roastery, among other things.

Mega investment in Indonesia

Believe it or not, 100 million dollars (equivalent to around 112 million euros) – according to the Turkish Hurriyet have already invested in commercial and sponsorship deals in Indonesia.

And that’s not all: The German has probably already met with Sandiaga Uno, the country’s tourism and innovation minister, to discuss further possible deals.

Özil as a business tycoon – this scenario seems to be becoming more and more a reality in the Far East.

streaming and media

M10 – the “M” could soon stand not only for “Mesut” but also for “media mogul”. Like the Turkish medium fanaticism 2022, Özil plans to offer a sports streaming service on its high-reach social media platforms in the future.

The company M10 Media is to be founded specifically for this purpose, which is to have contact points in Los Angeles as well as in London, Munich and Istanbul. The 34-year-old thinks big, he wants to reach sports fans worldwide.

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