International: Sex marathon as goal bonus: Russia star received immoral offer

In the final stretch of the 2014/15 season, Aleksandr Kokorin had a goal drought. Even an immoral offer didn’t change anything.

“Limiting myself to what I saw on the pitch, I assure you that Kokorin is a champion. One who could have played for any team, Real Madrid included, with the resources available.”

With these words, Italy’s national coach Roberto Mancini provided an interview in 2021 La Nazione caused a stir when he credited Russian striker Aleksandr Kokorin, whom he once coached at Zenit St. Petersburg, with the potential for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

As is well known, the 31-year-old has not had a world career, he is currently on loan from AC Florence to Cyprus to Aris Limassol.

If Mancini’s words are to be believed, it is easy to see that Kokorin, who, for example, has only played twice in the Champions League and only won three titles in Russia, has only partially realized his potential. He was not consistent enough in his performance.

Porn star makes Kokorin an offer

This lack of consistency also brought him an immoral offer in 2015 – from porn star Alina Henessy. The Russian-born wanted to help the hapless striker in the final spurt of the season.

“If Aleksandr Kokorin scores five goals by the end of the championship, I promise to do a 16-hour sex marathon with him as a thank you,” Henessy said. Kokorin was playing for Dinamo Moscow and had ten league games left at the time of the offer, but the Russian was only expected to score once.

Incidentally, the offer came about after Henessy Russia Eurosport to evaluate the appearance of the Russian national team and gave Kokorin the highest rating. She then got wind of Kokorin’s peat lull and contacted him personally.

In the end, however, it didn’t do anything. Kokorin didn’t set the goal, nor did Dinamo Moscow come close to becoming Premier League champions that year. They finished fourth, 17 points behind Zenit St. Petersburg.

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